Who We Are

Calvin Edwards & Company is a consulting firm that provides philanthropic counsel to nonprofits, foundations, high net worth families, and government agencies. Using an extensive array of proprietary tools, it helps donor clients formulate giving strategies and renders professional advice; assesses giving opportunities in nonprofit sectors; evaluates organizations, programs, and grants worldwide; and designs and administers venture philanthropy projects.

Since its founding in 2001, the firm has more than a hundred clients. Based in Atlanta, GA, it advises clients across the United States and internationally.

Our purpose is to transform the way philanthropists make giving decisions so they maximize the good that their gifts accomplish. At the same time, we seek to raise the quality and effectiveness of nonprofit management so that impact is maximized.

To accomplish this, we draw upon a team of professionals with extensive careers in nonprofit executive management and governance, and business and operations. Our staff and partners have extensive experience in community service and volunteering.

Our Core Values

As independent advisors we seek to provide impartial information and advice based on client-defined criteria.


We tell the truth about the organizations we analyze for our clients – whether it is popular or not. And we keep our word.


We love new challenges and bring creativity to bear in all our work.

Client Focus

Once we understand each client’s needs and style, we tailor our products and services to his/her situation. We know one size doesn’t fit all.


We don’t cut corners. We understand that our clients depend on us and expect excellence.


We write our findings and advice in solid reports so they may be clearly understood and thoroughly scrutinized.

Traditional Outlook

We observe fads with some amusement, and value and celebrate the past as we remain astutely open to the future.

Spiritual Perspective

We seek to glorify God in our work, and we understand that most of our clients view giving as an act of worship.

Embrace Complexity

We recognize that doing good well is often complicated and challenging, so we reject platitudes and lazy efforts to simplify.